About Me

I am a student for life . An earthling who is passionate about ancient teachings and has a deep connection to Mother Earth. I am curious to learn and understand the deeper aspects of life and live with my heart and my soul.

I studied Dentistry and Public Health Research and spent 15 years with state health department. Then I found Yoga or should I say Yoga found me and its ancient teachings that transformed my life and I became a life long student to learn and share as I learn.

I founded Yog from the heart! Yog from the heart is not just a regular Zoom Yoga studio that only focuses on physical aspect of you and teaches only Asanas. Its a virtual space as vast as the universe itself (not limited to any country, state, race, age, gender or religion). With my 15+ years of medical public health & research experience I only bring completely scientific & spiritual yogic practices that have been time tested. You will learn not just to live life at the survival mode but to thrive with complete awareness with love, compassion, joy & bliss within. No rights or wrongs, only following your heart & soul.

I teach Asana (physical postures) classes, Pranayama (breathing) classes, Combination of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. I also conduct Yogic philosophy and psychology classes for education purposes, these include Chakra (10) education system, 12 systems of the body & Merkabah.

Join if you dare to learn authentic Yoga, Breathing techniques, Mindfulness and Yogic psychology & philosophy to align your soul, mind & body ~ which will teach you how to use the most important tool you have ~ your body & mind, not just in the class on the mat, but in real life, giving you the wings to fly.