Yog From The Heart. LLC

Sangeeta Wadhawan, BDS, MPH, RYT 200, Certified Breath Coach & Certification in Positive Psychology

An Authentic Yog Space

YOG originates from Sanskrit word YUJ which means alignment, union and hence the balance or alignment between body, mind & soul is called YOG.

"Yog from the heart" is not just a studio that only focuses on Asanas/physical aspect rather it goes beyond the physicality and focuses on the alignment. It's a virtual space as vast as the universe itself (not limited to any country, state, race, age, gender or religion). With my 15+ years of medical public health & research experience I only bring completely scientific & spiritual yogic practices that have been time tested. You will learn not just to live life at the survival mode of physicality but to thrive with complete awareness with love, compassion, joy & bliss within. No rights or wrongs, only following your heart & soul.

Join if you aspire to learn authentic Yoga, Breathing techniques, Mindfulness and Yogic psychology & philosophy to align your soul, mind & body ~ which will teach you how to use the most important tools you have ~ your body & mind, not just in the class or on the mat, but in real life. The journey is to transform yourself from the Caterpillar to Butterfly.